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Brake Mate Air Brake Stroke Indicator

The Brake Mate lowers the possibility of not detecting a brake out of adjustment leading to fines, premature brake component wear or decreased braking ability.

Brake Mate is CVSA compliant.

The Brake Mate will:

  • Provide the operator with a reference point indicating the proper push rod stroke.
  • Removes the possibility of personal injury or damaging expensive clothing.
  • Helps in preventing contaminates from entering the brake chamber potentially limiting brake effectiveness while extending brake chamber life.

Installing the Brake Mate

Block wheels of the vehicle to prevent it from rolling. With the brakes off, twist the Brake Mate onto the pushrod of the brake chamber and slide the Brake Mate up against the brake chamber. Turn slotted side of Brake Mate towards brake chamber mounting bracket. Apply park brake and inspect the distance between the Brake Mate and the brake chamber indicating if the brakes are in proper adjustment.