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Manufacturer Direct is a company that has been bringing safety and environmental innovations to the transport industry for over 15 years. We are a group of former fleet managers with many years of experience behind us. All products designed by Manufacturer Direct increase truck and trailer utilization, lowers cost of ownership with a quick return on investment.

Why Safe-T-Loc??

With the wheel end challenges faced in the transport industry today Manufacturer Direct has designed and manufactured the Safe-T-Loc wheel management system. With less than 20% of operators performing pre/post and daily inspections, we would like to share our Safe-T-Loc wheel management system which not only locks the wheel nuts but, also flags indicating clamping force is lost, and the wheel needs attention.

Industry feedback has brought to light the major cause of wheel offs is the loss of clamping force from not performing the wheel install properly. (Human Error!)

If you cannot stand over every wheel install then let the Safe-T-Loc do this for you,


Industry Issues:

Hub piloted wheel offs:
  • Safety
  • Liability
  • Cost
  • All above due to wheel end clamping force lost
Issues contributing to wheel offs
  • Human Error
Retorque Programs
  • Equipment is out-of-service
  • Labor costs associated with programs
  • Logistically impossible to track, and too many miles lost with downtime while being retorqued
  • Simply bringing the nut back to 500ft/lbs. without investigating why clamping force was lost in just 250km is dangerous
  • The majority of service trucks do not carry a torque wrench or the tool to inspect for stretched studs, etc.
Flagging Devices
  • Fully dependant on operator thus unreliable
  • There is nothing to stop the nut from loosening completely off once clamping force is lost
Locking Devices
  • Dangerously provides false sense of security
  • More likely to ignore wheel nuts (End result is sheered studs)
  • Most devices obscure visual inspection of possible damage to wheels and studs
Safe-T-Loc – Locking and Flagging Device
  • Technology Verified through PIT Innovations on the Energo test track (Canada & USA test group-USA smart way program)
  • Notifies when clamping force is lost, and locks against adjacent post, and flags. Not allowing the wheel nut to move any further.

We believe making an educated decision when choosing a nut retention product. And putting the liability back on the Installer and driver is important. Safe-T-Loc works as a great tattle tale for poor workmanship, forcing the installer to perform install properly the first time, as well as all the above mentioned.

Companies Currently Using Safe-T-Loc

Bison Transport
(10+ years)
(10+ years)
(1 year)
Group Robert
(10+ years)
Sunbury Transport
(10+ years)
(10+ years)
Totran Heavy Haul
(4 years)
(3 years)

Return On Investment

Based on 1,000 Tandem Trailers:

Retorque While Trailer is in for Quarterly Service
Cost of quarterly PM wheel retorque
Average cost of Safe-T-Locs
Savings first year per trailer
Savings after first year per trailer
Savings over 10-year trailer life
Savings per year based on 1,000 trailers (Annually)
Savings on 1,000 trailers over a 10-year span (10 Year)
Calculations Based for on the Road Retorque
Cost of retorque
Lost time and miles (one hour @$4.00/mile)
Savings per year per trailer
Savings over 10-year trailer life
Savings per year based on 1,000 trailers (Annually)
Savings on 1,000 trailers over 10-year life (10 Year)
Combined Numbers Below if Fleet Performs Both Services
Total savings annually per 1,000 trailers
Total savings over 10-year life span per 1,000 trailers

Awareness Decal

The decal is to inform anyone hooking up to your trailers that it is equipped with the Safe-T-Loc Wheel Nut Management System for their safety and what to be looking for.

Instructions for tire technicians are also included for removal and installation of the Safe-T-Loc product.

Left Click image to view a large version of the decal.

Download Yanke Lab Test

Yanke Lab Test: Safe-T-Loc